Total 2016 Business Cost is $20 as a nominal one-time setup fee to enlist your business in our Charity-focused, Community-oriented, Business-driven Savings Card and Coupon Fundraising Program includes:

  1. $10 to your selected participating Charity of Choice when you enlist online through the link below.
  2. Custom business web page with a 24/7 presence on our website to include a logo/photo of your business, brief business narrative, link to your business website, Google direction map, your business Savings Card Savings and/or custom tailored Coupon Savings to include any restrictions.
  3. Unlimited 2016 Coupon Savings revisions to include expiration dates.
  4. $20 Savings Card promoting your selected participating Charity of Choice.

To enlist your business click on the link below then:

  1. Select Business Setup Fee - $20 in the drop-down menu.
  2. Select one of our four initial participating nonprofits to receive $10 from your $20 setup fee.
  3. Complete the merchant service information including "Company Name" and submit.  We'll contact you within 72-hours with an initial demonstration custom business web page and savings for your review.

Once your business web page is completed upon your final approval and as a local Savings Card and Coupon Fundraising Program, we'll hand deliver your Savings Card promoting the nonprofit you selected in our online enlistment procedure. 

Enlist Business